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Market leading, fully independent and transparent rough and polished diamond valuation services trusted by our clients and the diamond industry’s biggest companies for over 28 years.

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We draw on extensive and unparalleled industry experience which enables us to produce the diamond industry’s most reputable rough diamond price book built on a diverse spread of diamond trading transactions and market knowledge in today’s market.

Rough Diamond Valuations and Pricing

Widely recognised as the pre-eminent rough and polished diamond valuation advisory firm over the past 30 years, WWW has long-standing relationships with governments across the globe, financial investors and the diamond industry’s largest mining producers and mine exploratory companies worldwide.

Given the difficulty of valuing an esoteric asset such as diamonds and the potential for conflicts of interest, governments, financial institutions, insurance houses and mining companies can rely on WWW and its market leading assortment categories of rough diamonds for truly independent third-party valuation services.

We bring transparency, reliable data sources and in-depth technical expertise to the valuation process, which is why the world’s leading mining companies and diamond producing governments make use of WWW’s rough diamond valuation platform.

Rough Diamond Pricing Software

WWW is proud to have pioneered and led the rough diamond market with its own valuation software for more than 20 years. Continually refined, our electronic pricing system continues to be at the forefront of the diamond industry and accordingly, allows our clients to access and obtain rapidly the most accurate and representative pricing information for rough diamonds.

Our organisation has maintained a price book since 1998 which covers the full, diverse range of qualities from various diamond productions around the world – ensuring that WWW continues to include the widest range of inputs and transactions in its price book.

Comparable, recent transactions are relevant in any pricing exercise. That is why our rough diamond pricing mechanics are underpinned by an understanding of the actual assortment: so that pricing continues to be a combination of the price matrix which reflects market conditions and the actual diamond assortment for each production.

Canadian Diamond Valuations

Diamonds International Canada, a joint venture Canadian corporation formed between the Aboriginal Diamonds Group Ltd. (ADG) and WWW is based in the Northwest Territories in Canada. It has successfully fulfilled the role of Canadian GDV in the Northwest Territories continuously, for 26 years, since 1998. This was initially contracted through the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND), currently called Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, based in Ottawa. Since April 2014, and following devolution, this work has been contracted through the Government of the Northwest Territories. DICAN valued all production from the Jericho mine in Nunavut, from 2006 to 2008, and again in 2011 and 2012.

DICAN has also been the Ontario GDV for the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines from 2008 to 2019, when the Victor mine came to the end of its life.

Since 2023, DICAN has been the sole GDV and diamond adviser to the Government of Quebec in respect of diamond mining operations.

Polished Diamond Valuations and Pricing

WWW currently acts for a number of mining companies, financial sponsors, debt finance and other alternate credit institutions in providing polished diamond valuations and real-time wholesale polished market pricing services.

In 2022, WWW took over the software database of prices for polished diamonds which had been published on Reuters since 2004 and Bloomberg since 2005. In 2015 FINMA, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, gave approval for the launch of a possible financial regulated product by Julius Baer using PolishedPrices as the pricing source. In 2019, the FCA the English regulator gave approval to PolishedPrices.

Polished Diamond Price Lists and Pricing Software

WWW maintains pricing software for polished diamonds based on multiple sourced actual transactions in the global wholesale diamond markets. No-one working for WWW trades in either rough or polished diamonds, thus ensuring genuine independence. WWW’s price lists were first published on Reuters in 2004 and Bloomberg in2005.

In 2015, and after considerable due diligence, FINMA, the Swiss Regulator, announced that WWW’s polished price list would be used as the pricing source for a financial regulated product, which was a first for the international diamond market. FINMA regarded WWW’s polished price list as the only reliable pricing source from a regulatory perspective.

Presently, WWW’s wholesale polished diamond price list is confidential and privately maintained and is only made available to clients upon request.