Mining Advisory

WWW provides professional market insights, strategic advice and dedicated diamond mine consultancy services to address the unique challenges faced by the mining industry.

What We Do

Our approach assists clients integrate our world class technical capabilities into each phase of the mining cycle, from the initial stages of exploration, to valuation, finance support, development, ESG and sustainability, operations, through to mine closure.
WWW provides professional, multidisciplinary services to support all aspects of diamond mine development and operations. WWW has direct experience in:

exploration and feasibility studies

valuation of bulk samples and modelling of the average price
commercial and technical due diligence services and project reviews
statistical modelling, mine resource evaluation and valuation monitoring
contract negotiations with suppliers or customers
off-take agreements with manufacturers of diamonds and gemstones
mine security/risk management
stock control and audits
insurance and transportation
diamond training (see further details below)
Through its in-depth understanding of mining and project finance, WWW has unique experience in assisting mine producers and exploration companies in their fundraising processes. We offer tailored advice to financial institutions on the implementation of strategic initiatives as well as an array of commercial and technical diamond due diligence services.

Our team’s combined 200-year plus knowledge of the diamond mining industry includes acting for mining companies and finance houses for prospective or actual mining operations across North America, Africa, Europe, Australasia and the Far East.

WWW Diamond Training

WWW has its own training programmes in Antwerp. It has developed a training manual designed and created by a Canadian Certified Master Trainer, and conducts courses upon request. Our team of specialists regularly provides direct sorting and diamond valuation training.

Recent Experience

WWW advises major mining companies, exploration and development firms, financial institutions (both debt and equity finance sources), investors, governments of producing companies, law firms, individual investors, and private equity ventures.

A small selection of WWW’s recent experience includes acting for:

a borrower in respect of a project financing debt package in excess of US$200 million for a mine development project in Botswana
a consortium of banks providing project finance to one of the largest diamond mines in Canada
a TSX-listed Canadian mining company in respect of ongoing valuation and other technical due diligence services
a Canadian exploration company, providing valuation services and other commercial and technical due diligence services over the past seven years
an Australian diamond mining company in respect of a diamond mine prospect in the Northern Territory
a large prospective diamond mine in Saskatchewan near Prince Albert in respect of numerous valuations, both on their physical samples, and as desk-top calculations
a diamond exploration company prospecting in Nunavut which has been a client of WWW since 2007, as well as supplying quotes to include in the company’s press releases
the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) on general mining advisory, providing training services and best practice guidelines for rock hosted diamonds