Market Reporting, Analytics and Intelligence

WWW provides governments, mining companies, investment banks and credit institutions with independent diamond industry reports, analytics and research helping them navigate the most complex segments of the diamond market.

Our industry expertise, collectively spanning over 200 years of market knowledge, assists clients with practical insights into historic trends, real-time data and industry forecasts.

Market Reporting – What We Do

WWW’s monthly and quarterly market reports cover, among other topics, the following themes:
Macro-economic and geo-political updates on the rough and polished markets
Detailed overview of the changes to the rough and polished trading/wholesale markets
Detailed overview of the retail and manufacturing markets
In depth analysis of current rough and polished diamond prices
In depth analysis of global rough diamond production from each major diamond producing country both by volume (carats) and value (US dollars)
Forecast of rough and polished diamond prices – including analysis of various inputs into WWW’s forecasts (market inventory and analysis of world diamond production by carats, and by country)
Forecast of rough diamond production over the next 10 years
Summary of WWW’s price outlook for various sizes of rough and polished goods
Stocks of rough and polished diamonds held in the trading centres
Levels of bank debt currently in the wholesale market
Market analysis of the “elite” market for fancy colours/special stones
Further details of advice we provide to all stakeholders in the diamond trade is set out below can be found here: