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Important information regarding Insights & Publications

Any articles, insights, market focuses, annual reports, market reports, quarterly updates, outlooks or similar think pieces (collectively, “Publications”) which any person accesses from our website or receives from WWW (as defined below) by email have been prepared by WWW International Diamond Consultants Limited (“WWW”) solely for information purposes and are not intended to function as any form of “research report” or similar.  In particular, this means that none of our Publications are intended, nor do they contain sufficient information, to make a recommendation as to the advisability of investment in, or the value of, any diamond or other gemstone or be published publicly without our prior written consent. No person who receives a publication (each such person being a “Recipient”) may rely on any of the contents contained in any Publication accessed via this website or received from WWW, unless prior consent to any such reliance has been given by WWW. 

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