Resource Evaluation and Valuation Monitoring

Unique to the diamond mining industry, we provide market leading modelling, mine resource evaluation and valuation monitoring

What We Do

WWW’s price book has been used to accurately value productions and samples of diamonds with average prices ranging from less than $50 per carat to over $2,000 per carat.

The technical modelling team has assisted organisations worldwide in asset valuations throughout the exploratory and development process. WWW’s 30 year experience has tackled the most complex planning scenarios and we are proud to have successfully delivered economic analyses that assist WWW’s clients:

estimate dollar per carat values from small samples
model size and value distributions
estimate the incidence of large stones in a resource
monitor the occurrence of large stones (security)
determine the effects of upper and lower cut-offs on revenue as well as grade and dollar per carat models for alluvial and marine geological blocks
understand size frequency distribution analysis (metallurgical/security)

Recent Experience

WWW has valued bulk samples and produced models of the average price for the following commodity specialists and major diamond companies:
Arctic Canadian Diamond Company (formerly Dominion Diamond, Harry Winston and Aber)
Argyle Diamonds

Lucara Diamond Corp.

Newfield Resources

Mountain Province Diamonds
Stornoway Diamonds
Peregrine Diamonds
Kennady Diamonds

Star Diamond Corp.

Aber Diamonds