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Who We Are

WWW International Diamond Consultants is a UK registered company formed in January 1996 providing independent valuation and advisory services principally to diamond and gemstone mining and exploration companies, financial institutions, the insurance industry, governments of diamond producing countries and private enterprises.

The organisation is led by Richard Wake-Walker and Charles Wyndham, who together have more than 90 years’ experience in the international diamond business. Both individuals formerly worked for De Beers for over 18 years (each) and in 1996 subsequently founded WWW – the market’s leading rough and polished diamond valuation and advisory firm.

WWW’s diamond experts demonstrate a degree of independence and objectivity which is unusual in the diamond community. WWW’s highly qualified team of diamond industry experts fully recognises the need for an efficient and transparent valuation and advisory process. Accordingly, the team deliberately does not trade in rough or polished diamonds in order that our clients achieve true, independent rough and polished prices and insights in today’s market.

Kimberley Process

WWW has also been actively involved, and has provided advice to the Kimberley Process and in respect of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Diamonds International Canada

Diamonds International Canada (DICAN) Ltd, a joint venture Canadian corporation formed between the Aboriginal Diamonds Group Ltd. (ADG) and WWW is based in the Northwest Territories in Canada. DICAN was appointed, following a competitive tender in 1998, as the first government diamond valuators to the Canadian Federal Government in Ottawa. Through the Government of the Northwest Teritories (GNWT) DICAN continues to fulfil this role today and is currently in its fifth contract. The brief for this contract includes providing advice on all diamond matters to the Federal Government of Canada and now the GNWT – WWW has continuously held this role for over 24 years.

In 2008 DICAN was appointed as diamond valuator to the Government of Ontario. DICAN also provided the provincial government with advice on valuation and auditing of diamond production.

Transactions and Industry Experience

WWW is proud to have represented more than 110 clients, including governments, mining companies, mine exploration companies, major institutional banks, credit funds and diamond businesses. Set out below is a small selection of clients we have and continue to represent in the market:


Government diamond valuators to the Government of the Northwest Territories (1998 – present day)
Government diamond valuators to the Government of Ontario (2008 – 2019, when the Victor mine closed its operations)
Diamond valuators and “Sworn Experts” to the UK Foreign, Commenwealth & Development Office
In 2003 Société Internationale de Diamants Congolais (SIDC), a joint venture between local Congolese and WWW won a competitive international tender to act as the Government Diamond valuator for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mining Companies

WWW has advised and continues to advise, a majority of the world’s diamond mining companies on a range of industry-specific strategic diamond industry matters, statistical modelling, resource evaluation and valuation monitoring and mine feasibility studies.
WWW also provided advice to Arkhangelskgeoldobycha over a number of years, an organisation which operates and runs the Grib diamond mine in Arkhangelsk. Our advice to the original owners comprised a fully comprehensive mining advisory service from diamond market insights, development of a proprietary tender and auction platform, advice on marketing and valuation services to bring the mine into production.


From 2004 to 2011, WWW successfully tendered all production from the Letseng mine in Lesotho which has the highest average price of any diamond mine in the world. Through WWW Diamond Tenders several other productions have also been tendered on a regular basis from the following countries:
Sierra Leone
Central African Republic

Banks and other Credit Institutions

WWW is engaged by a number of the world’s leading debt and equity finance institutions, alternative capital providers and hedge funds on a number of strategic mandates in respect of both rough and polished diamond lending products and investments.
WWW was, and is continued to be engaged by a syndicate of banks, in respect of Lucara’s US$220 million project and operatational finance facility to fund an expansion and development of the underground mine at the Karowe open pit mine. The financing completed in July 2021.
WWW was contracted to provide due diligence reports for the lead consortium of banks that provided Aber Diamonds with various debt financings for its 40% share of the Diavik diamond mining project in Canada.