Lab Grown Diamonds

We offer our clients detailed analytics into the US$20 billion lab-grown diamond industry ranging from the core manufacturing processes and techniques, wholesale pricing trends and retail market demands.

What We Do

In addition to natural diamond industry reporting, WWW offers detailed market insights into the lab-grown diamond (LGD) industry.

WWW also offers finance institutions and other investors seeking to invest in the lab grown diamond market with commercial due diligence, analytics and other advisory information.

WWW was pleased to announce its inaugural lab-grown diamond annual market report in 2021.

This annual report, and LGD reports in the future, will cover among other things:

overviews of key production methods: High Pressure High Temperature and Chemical Vapour Deposition
supply and demand analytics
wholesale pricing trends
analysis of LGD and natural diamond comparisons
in-depth studies into the commercial outlook of the LGD industry, including estimated CAGR
detailed reviews of the jewellery sales and retail LGD market