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Lab-Grown Diamond Market Analysis Annual Review 2023

December 2023

Diamond Industry Credit Update Q4 2023

December 2023

Diamond Industry: New Sanctions Framework

December 2023

Helping guide your business and understand complex global export controls and geopolitical changes

Downstream: Diamond Jewellery Market Update

November 2023

2023 Outlook: World Diamond Mine Production

March 2023

WWW explores the core of the diamond industry’s supply chain and through our proprietary analytics, our outlook examines where existing and potential diamond production may reach by 2030.

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

March 2023

The EU has now officially introduced a requirement for certain companies to report on ESG and sustainability matters. This new legal framework will affect both EU and non-EU diamond and gemstone companies by 2024. We set out our analysis of these new rules and how we can support your business to meet its new obligations.

Five Key ESG and Sustainability trends in the Global Diamond Mining Industry

February 2023

As regulatory frameworks tighten and financial and retail scrutiny heightens, we examine the five key sustainability trends underpinning the global diamond industry.

Key ESG Trends in the Diamond and Gemstone Industry 2022

December 2022

WWW is pleased to present its first report into the key trends driving sustainable growth and positive impacts across the diamond and gemstone sector.

The Kimberley Process: A Vehicle for Improved Market Governance?

September 2022

We are pleased to share our insights into the evolution of the Kimberley Process and how the organisation has sought to combat continual geopolitical upheaval across the planet.

The Elite Jewellery Market

June 2022

From bespoke high-end retail to specialist auction sales, we uncover the core themes surrounding the top-end of the jewellery market, often seen as a barometer of market performance.

Lab Grown Diamond Market Analysis

2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to share our inaugural market report into the lab grown diamond industry, shedding light on the pipeline from growing processes to jewellery, as well as our views on the key trends and themes likely to play a central role in the years to come in this rapidly evolving market.

Special Stones

December 2021

WWW’s insight into the luxury and special stone market highlights how this rarefied segment of the trade maintains much of the mystique of owning a diamond.