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WWW Profile

Diamonds International Canada (DICAN) Ltd, a joint venture Canadian corporation formed between the Aboriginal Diamonds Group Ltd. (ADG) and WWW is based in the Northwest Territories in Canada. DICAN was appointed, following a competitive tender in 1998, as the first government diamond valuators to the Canadian Federal Government in Ottawa. DICAN continues to fulfil this role today and is currently in its third contract. The brief for this contract includes providing advice on all diamond matters to the Federal Government of Canada.

In 2008 DICAN was appointed as diamond valuator to the Government of Ontario. DICAN also provides the government with advice on valuation and auditing of diamond production. DICAN was recently successful in a second competitive tender and its contract was renewed for a further three years in 2013.

ADG and WWW's agreement centres around the undertaking and desire to provide for a transfer of knowledge and training to local people so that the valuation team will include local nationals.

In June 2000 WWW signed a contract with the Gokhran, the Russian Federation's depository controlling precious stones to train a number of Russian experts in market valuations. WWW continues to work with the Gokhran on a number of special projects.

In 2001 and in 2003 WWW was contracted to provide due diligence reports for the lead consortium of banks that have provided Aber with various debt financings for its 40% share of the Diavik diamond mining project.

In 2003 Société Internationale de Diamants Congolais (SIDC) a joint venture between local Congolese and WWW won a competitive international tender to act as the Government Diamond valuator for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

From 2004 to 2010, WWW successfully tendered all production from the Letseng mine in Lesotho which has the highest average price of any diamond mine in the world. Through WWW Diamond Tenders Limited several other productions have also been tendered on a regular basis.

Richard Wake-Walker

Richard Wake-Walker and Charles Wyndham together, who formed WWW in 1996, have over 70 years experience in the diamond business covering every facet of the industry, from sorting, buying and valuing diamonds, to marketing, stock control, security, insurance, finance, diamond cutting and polishing. Richard Wake-Walker left De Beers in 1994 having successfully set up their first Moscow office, and previously spent eight years as a key member of the De Beers sales department, where at various times he was responsible for rough diamond sales to all the main cutting centres.

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Charles Wyndham

Charles Wyndham who was a director of the De Beers' Central Selling Organisation (CSO) left in 1995. His career at the CSO spanned buying in Africa and Antwerp, reorganising and computerising the CSO stock systems to secretary to the executive committee. For the two years prior to his departure he was the Diamond Consultant to the Chairman's Office of De Beers in Johannesburg responsible for valuation, sales and cutting in Southern Africa, whilst retaining his security portfolio in London.  In 2000 he formed U2 Diamonds Ltd which owns which went live in 2002 providing independent multiple sourced actual prices for polished diamonds which are published on Bloomberg and Reuters.

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Neil Buxton

Neil Buxton has been in the diamond industry since 1984. He left De Beers to join WWW as part of the successful team that won the Canadian Government Valuation contract. He was with De Beers for 15 years and his career with them included over six years responsibility for all aspects of diamond revenue for every mine within the De Beers Group including forecasting the dollar per carat value and monitoring of any deviation from budget. Neil’s statistical analysis expertise is unique in the diamond mining industry. Neil does all the geo-statistical modelling of the bulk sample valuations undertaken by WWW.  

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Richard Tyrrell

Richard Tyrrell worked for 30 years with De Beers as a sorter and buyer. For over 10 years he was directly responsible for the purchase of the Miba production in what was then Zaire.

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Nigel Stanford

Nigel Stanford has worked in the diamond industry for over 35 years. He joined WWW in 2007 and has become a key member of the WWW/DICAN valuation team. For De Beers he was a buyer in West Africa, the DRC(formerly Zaire), Israel and Belgium and was also in charge of negotiations for the purchase of rough diamonds from Botswana, Namibia, Australia and Russia. More recently, he was the General Manager and Director of the De Beers sorting and valuing operations in Namibia and Botswana. He has also served as the Government Diamond Valuer in Sierra Leone. 

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